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Complete TDC Duct Shop

IPI and B & K manufacture coil line and ducting machines for fabricating rectangular ductwork & equipment such as seam closers & corner inserters.

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Coil Processing line for Steel
Processing Center

Econo-Slear™ and Slear-1™ Cut-to-Length line and Multi-Blanking line feature the continuous production of sheet metal blanks from coil stock

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Rollforming Machines for
Roofing profiles

Lockformer® Rollforming Machines for roofing profiles offers the most comprehensive range of Rollforming Machines in the industry.

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Lockformer Vulcan Plasma
Cutting Machines

Lockformer Vulcan Plasma Cutting Machines are used in manufacturing applications to cut sheet metal up to 1,5 x 3,0 meters (60” x 120”) and 12,7 mm (1/2).

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RS FORM TEKNIC is an Exclusive Authorized Representative of Formtek Co, U.S.A. and China for Sales and Service of Formtek Sheet metal machines in India. Formtek product range consists of well known brands like LOCKFORMER MACHINES, Iowa Precision Ind, YODER etc which are serving the customers all over the world since last 5 decades. Lockformer Square Ducting Machines are being used in Indian Industry since last 20 years and are known for the quality and reliability. In India more than 100 Lockformer Machines are in use for various applications.

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